FAQ Section

What advantages does Zereo Agency offer to job seekers?

We provide personalized career solutions, an extensive job network, and support throughout the job application process.

Which industries do you serve, and are there job openings in my specialization?

We operate in construction, finance, marketing, transportation and logistics, mining, industry, IT and telecommunications, as well as sales. There are job opportunities in all these fields.

What is your approach to the confidentiality of candidate data?

We strictly adhere to confidentiality principles, prioritizing the security of candidate data.

What is the process for preparing for an interview with your client?

We provide detailed recommendations and resources for successful preparation, including analysis of the employer company and typical interview questions.

What is your workplace diversity policy?

We value and encourage diversity. Our clients actively support initiatives to create an inclusive work environment.

What types of recruiting services do you offer for companies?

We offer executive search, customized solutions, global talent acquisition, and strategic HR consulting.

How do you ensure the quality of staff recruitment?

We prioritize quality over quantity, conducting thorough candidate selection to ensure alignment with client skills and goals.

What technological solutions do you use in the recruiting process?

We integrate modern technologies for process optimization, including analytics and tools for precise recruitment.

How long does the staff search and recruitment process take?

The time depends on the specific job requirements, but we strive for efficiency, considering both speed and quality of recruitment.

What are your fees for recruiting services?

Our fees depend on the volume of services and task complexity. We provide flexibility and transparency in financial matters, discussing each situation individually.